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The Grasshopper Gallery at the Lost River Trading Post was inaugurated on Saturday, June 14th, 2014. We support local artists and craftspeople in their vision, and hope to share their art in Wardensville, West Virginia and beyond.

Lost River Trading Post, opened in 2013 in the Appalachian Mountains of WV, is a previous feed store on Main Street in historic Wardensville, WV that has been turned it into a "modern mountain general store" featuring American-made and locally crafted products along with a bakery and full-service espresso bar.  Late in 2014, the Grasshopper Gallery, located inside the store, was inaugurated to showcase local artists.


at Lost River Trading Post



FEBRUARY 2, 2024 - MARCH 12, 2024

SNEAK PEEK: Welcome WV illustrator, Stephen Willey to the Grasshopper Gallery! Stephen's show, titled "Read the Wind," will be on display through the middle of March.

Be sure to come by and see the show and join us for his Artist Talk + Reception on February 17th!


I have been waiting here; I always am.
Nestled deep beneath
You need only recite your favorite melodies
Or read colorful words on the wind.
I'm here in that moment, the fleeting quiet
Where you make no sudden choices
For profit or poison, or position or power.

It all means nothing to me.

If l had my way; it would all be waves
Unleashed in a tempest that no soul could ever &
Solar flares ripping skin asunder;
A vibrant aurora flowing forth from your lungs.
But this is not the world in which we exist.
We have duties and detriments and dreary dull dreams.
So I will ham my melodies sotily
Until you have the time to listen.

Lying in wait, lying to ourselves.
Lying isn't living how I wish to live with myself.



My name is Stephen Willey, and I’m an illustrator and writer hailing from Eastern Maryland. I’ve always had a focus of illustrating emotions in a tangible way, be it longing or nostalgia or anger or happiness. This pairs often with my fascination with the merging of technology and nature, and how they interact, blend together, and change us.

I primarily illustrate digitally, and I love the colors and level of detail I’m able to achieve this way, though I do enjoy combining modern methods with more traditional art and photography as well.

Thank you for taking the time to enjoy my work. I hope it’s able to capture a feeling you’ve always known but couldn’t quite hold.



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